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Boy video chat

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And, the truth questions can really open up conversations with questions like, "What's the best TV show of all time? Then, send a photo to grandma and grandpa and ask them to guess how many of the items are in the jar.

Once they send back their guess, your kids can empty the jar and count the items to see how close their grandparents got. Next time, it can be the grandparents' turn to fill up a jar and the kids' turn to guess. Grandparents can let you know where to hide a treat think candy or a coupon for extra dessert somewhere in your home. Then, grandparents can either text clues to your child or walk them through clues on the phone or by video until your widow and widower chat groups finds their surprise treat hidden at home.

Basically, one will start by writing either a sentence or a paragraph depending on your child's abilitiesit to the other, and then they will add the next sentence or paragraph.

New ways to engage and use technology to strengthen relationships

Repeat until an entire story is written, and then video your child reading the co-written story out loud to send back to grandma and grandpa. Kids and grandparents can take turns acting out things from specific like different animals, sports, or movies while the other guesses what they are acting out.

Have your kids pick an item that is special to them and let them show it off and tell their grandparents all about it via FaceTime. Then, grandma and grandpa can take a turn and show your child an item that is special to them. Have your child bbw chats inverness on their favorite song and let them dance along while their grandparents watch.

Boy video chat

Then, if they're able, invite grandparents to in on the fun and dance it out — even if it's just dancing in their lounge chair. They could also print out free flashcards from online or order a pack of flashcards from Amazon. Over a video call, grandparents can quiz kids with the flashcards to help them bo.

Boy video chat

This can also help parents tackle those pesky homeschool lessons. This one works best at night where kids can turn off the lights inside or head out into the backyard, grab a flashlight, and listen to their grandparents' ghost stories.

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I can totally see my dad doing this with my boys over FaceTime. Vjdeo up a tea party with stuffed animal friends, a tea set both imaginary tea and real tea works for thisand have kids and grandparents dress in their finest tea time attire.

Boy video chat

As long as grandparents have a cup or mug around, they can in on the fun. Your kids can show their grandparents birds, squirrels, sticks they pick up, and anything else they notice on the walk. My son and I just did this yesterday with his aunt via FaceTime, and it was so much fun for all of us. I'm sure grandparents would love this type of virtual walk as well.

Your kids and their grandparents can take turns being Simon and get ready to test each other's listening skills. If your kids are older, ask grandparents to pick a song from their own childhood to teach. Think of it as an impromptu homeschool music class.

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