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The Fat Elvis Baseball Collective is now in it's third season and we only use the board version of the game. We can play "live" in the virtual face-to-face AOL chat rooms. During our short three season we've played over games online. Chqt has dice roller built into their chat phone system that allows each player to make dice rolls as necessary we use three sided dice. The rolls are viewed by anyone in the chat room, so there cgat be no cheating.

Not everyone in the league has AOL, so we've figured out a way around that using AIM free download in order to allow everyone to be able to play online. The Fat Elvis Baseball Collective has been playing online for three years. We've found online play to be fun and eventful. This is the next best thing to adelaide de sex chat face-to-face.

It's allowed our league to start with eight teams and basseball to 16 in just one year.

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We've continued to basdball successful in great part to our ability to play in a virtual face-to-face league using chatrooms. Though AOL use to be the only way to play, AIM has now made the dice roller accessible to it's users using a short programming code. Read on for basic instructions. For those with AOL use the following instructions: 1.

Select a private chatroom for you and your opponent. Select 3 dice.

Baseball chat room

Now you and your opponent can play the game. Rolls such as: 8 10 6 would be translated to The last die will indicate position if necessary.

Baseball chat room

rokm For the example above, 68 would be the bunt roll and 2 would be the position roll. This bunt was a sacrifice hit to the pitcher.

Baseball Chat Rooms

If only two dice are necessary, we use the first two. If only one die is necessary, use only the first one. But always roll three.

Baseba,l for mistakes and longer games changing dice s. You can download it at www. The only difference is that the dice roller is not automatic. You must use a program code to generate the dice rolls.

Baseball chat room

Type in: Then hit enter. The easiest way is just to cut and paste this code. A random dice roll will automatically show in the chat room so that everyone youths chat the chat room sees it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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